The progressive stable and wealthy nation It has a very functional governing a safe and exciting country to visit or reside in. The UAE has strong financial systems and institutions and it is easy to access from all over the worid due to its central global location and its comprehensive airline networks Two of the words largest airlines were formed and are based in the UAE These are Emirates Airlines of Dubai and Etihad Airlines of Abu Dhabi, This has led to the UAE becoming a regional hub and a leader in the pursuit of innovation and As an independent country it is not subject to the rules and regulations found in Europe or the US Therefore it allows for more latitude RAK in the structuring and disclosing of ones assets CORPORATE

The UAE jurisdictions are considered superior to those of the Caribbean and Pacific islands as they are located in a sizable nation with real trade

There are several possibilities for Offshore companies in the UAE mostly across the smaller Emirates The most popular of them is Ras Al Khaimah (RAK). In Dubai the only Offshore possibility is that of JAFZA which has a substantially higher costs Another option is the Emirate of Ajman

TYPES OF COMPANIES : Free Zone Establishment (FZE in which the shareholder s) are only liable to the extent of their share capital Free zone company (Fzco Limited Liability Company with two or more shareholders Branch office of the foreign company

OWNERSHIP : There are no restrictions on residency and nationality of shareholders The shareholders may be physical or corporate legal entities.

Offshore UAE Characteristics

  • 100 Foreign ownership
  • 100m Repatriation of Capital and Profits
  • 0 Corporate & Personal Tax
  • No Requirements for Minimum Share Capital Absolute Privacy, Confidentiality and Protection of Assets and Information
  • No Restrictions on the Directors/Shareholders Residency or Citizenship
  • Companies which are run within Free Zones are given certain Tax Exemptions 0% Export Import tax

Requirements for Company set up:

  • Application form (will be provided) Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (will be provided
  • Passport copies for Shareholders, Director and Secretary (scanned, dear).
  • Original Bank Reference Letter forShareholders, Director and Secretary (not to exceed more than 2 months).
  • Original Proof of ResidencyUtility Bill for Shareholder, Director and Secretary (not to exceed more than 2 months)
  • Applicable if owner is another corporate entity
  • Power of Attorney.
  • License/Certificate of incorporation
  • Shareholders Resolution.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Certificate of Good Standing

Trading Companies

International trading companies can be established in an Offshore jurisdiction. Such Companies would facilitate trade between third party countries and the goods would not pass through onshore UAE. Any profitability would rest with the Company in a zero tax rate jurisdiction.

Investment Companies

Offshore investment companies invest or deposit funds throughout the world (including the UAE) and potential profits reside with the Company in a zero tax jurisdiction.

Holding Companies

Offshore Companies are often used as Holding Companies (for investments and assets) for both tax planning as well as confidentiality purposes.

Property owning Companies

Similar to Holdings Companies, Offshore Companies can be used as owning entities for international real estate investments. Both for tax planning as well as confidentiality purposes.

Professional Services

Individuals who receive fees in respect of their professional services in capacities such as designers, consultants, authors or entertainers, often assign or contract with an offshore company the right to receive such fees.

Patent, Copyright and Royalty Companies

offshore companies can purchase or be assigned the right to use a copyright, patent, trademark know-how by its original holders with a power to sublicense.